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26 AUG

Mingei, and so on

The reason I became so interested in this field is because I noticed intercultural stories between east and west after world war era, which draws to the Mingei movement.In the fall of 2021, I casually started learning pottery, introduced to it by my …

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Presenting at NEWFC 2023

In June 2023, I joined the New England Wood Firing Conference as a presenter. Trevor, who built an Anagama kiln, was looking for a speaker for the conference he was hosting. He shared his idea about how we should come together to exchange knowledge a …

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22 JUN

Firing at Alison Palmer Studio

I booked Alison Palmer Studio for my selected spot for the New England Wood firing ticket. This conference gather different types of Wood Firing Kilns around east coast. This event …

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11 JUN

Komori Gama Firing

In early February 2023, I was preparing to present my 3-D printing ideas at NCECA 2023. While on shift one day, I had a conversation with Trevor Youngberg, who owns multiple Anagamas in Connecticut. He introduced me to …

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16 MAY

Anagama in Shigaraki

I have been exploring various firing methods, including electric, raku, gas, microwave, and wood firing. Each method has its own purpose, and I have come to appreciate them all. Among them, firing in anagama kilns has been the most challenging yet re …

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11 MAY

Pottery Village in Indonesia

I landed in Yogyakarta, located one hour from Jakarta. It is known as "The City of Culture," "University City," or "The City of Culture" because I wanted to visit a village called Kasongan. The village has been known for pottery since at least 1925 < …

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Woodfiring, February 2023

This is my fourth wood firing at Trevor Youngberg's kiln yard. This time, we fired in the recently-built Beluga Gama, which was constructed with firebricks donated by Long Island University. The size of the kiln is about 33 cubic feet, making it suff …

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17 MAR

Presenting at NCECA 2023

To be honest, I didn't know what I signed up when my proposal for presentation was accepted in the spring of 2022. When I started to learn ceramic art in 2022, I asked my instructor, Johnna Woods, any conferences which I can attend. Reading journal a …

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24 FEB

Woodfiring, February 2023

This is my third wood firing at Trevor Youngberg's Kiln yard. This kiln, Guppie Gama, is about 60 cubic square feet with two doors: front and side. In this …

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Do you know about your hands?

I like to listen to how other people started pottery. My favorite story is that of Malcom Davis, who left his mark as the famous Malcom Davis Shino. Most studios that do cone 10 reduction firing likely have his recipe in a bucket. Although he makes h …

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About My "Ugly" Maker's Mark

All my works have certain big "ugly" maker's marks since I started in 2022. I put this on the side of my works where it is obviously visible because it is oversized in most of cases. Yeah, I don't hide who I am. I agree that this is part of my ego, a …

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Building Website Builder

When I was undergraduate student, my instructor of Speech class said this in the first meeting - "Do not start your presentation with an appology." Sorry, I need to start this first article with appology. Although she meant for practical reasons like …

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